Thank you Dr. James Bried

I normally limit the subject of my posts to issues related to photography. This post is an exception. A week ago today I had surgery tor a total hip replacement. Arthritis in my left hip progressed to the point that I could not function normally, and I was in constant pain. I tried physical therapy until I was satisfied that surgery was my only recourse. I was originally referred to a surgeon affiliated with Scripps, but his schedule precluded any treatment until the fourth quarter of this year.  My wife did some research and through her efforts we made an appointment with Dr. James Bried, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Poway. We met with Dr. Bried who patiently answered our questions and explained what would happen. He was able to schedule the surgery for September 25th, a week ago today. I have no doubt that the surgery will prove to be a long term success because I have complete faith and trust in this highly skilled surgeon. It isn’t just Dr. Bried who makes you feel confident; it is his entire office and surgical staff. They are each exceptional, as were the nurses and staff at Pomerado Hospital. If you or a loved one is suffering from pain in the hip, shoulder or knee, Dr. Bried is your guy. I have never had a better medical experience in my life.
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