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Virtually all of San Diego County is within FAA Regulated Airspace. Until recently, anyone who lived within 5 miles of a controlled airport was precluded from obtaining aerial images of their property. Under the old system, advance approval was required by the FAA ninety days in advance, and the approval was usually denied. Under the new system known as LAANC (Low Altitude Advance Notification and Clearance), drone operators an apply for permission online and receive instant approval. The system matches an FAA grid to the operator’s request. Certain areas will still be restricted. The map below shows the permitted altitudes within the grid surrounding Palomar Airport.  

There are two excellent uses for the Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for a property manager. The first is the ability for interested parties to see the property online that is so realistic and accurate it’s almost like being there. The second reason is to document the condition of the property prior to move-in, and again at move-out. The resolution of the images is so clear that any disputes over condition will likely be solved by looking at the images.  Matterport 3D Virtual Tours at ten cents per square foot. You can’t beat the value. Click to view an example of the 3D Virtual Tour

There are only three reasons you would be interested in the new FAA Drone Flight Approval system that the FAA approved: 1. You are a drone pilot. 2. You are a real estate agent who does business in an area located within five miles of an airport and would like to have aerial images of the property and surrounding areas. 3. You are a homeowner who would like to have aerial images of your property.   The FAA regulations prohibit UAS (Drone) pilots from operating within five miles of controlleed air space. In our market, that includes Pendleton, Miramar, Palomar, North Island and San Diego International. Under the old system, if you want to fly within these areas, you must apply to the FAA ninety days prior to the date you want to fly. You needed to provide the altitude, time of flight, area of flight, etc. Even with ninety…

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